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“October 12th. Athens Freed”. Participation of the General State Archives in the celebrations

for the liberation of Athens

Athens celebrates the 71st anniversary of its liberation from the Nazi troops with a number of events taking place in various places in the city of Athens throughout October 2015.

Website of the events with extensive reference to the liberation of the city of Athens as well as photographic and audiovisual footage

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International Archives Day 2015

Within the framework of the International Archives Day, the G.S.A. organized a series of events that took place both at the Central Service and at the Regional Services.   


On Tuesday June 9th, the Central Service of the G.S.A., in cooperation with the Municipality of Filothei-Psychiko, organised an “Open Archives Day” inviting the public to spend “A day at the General State Archives.”  The programme included events such as morning and afternoon guided tours in the different departments of the Central Service as well as screenings of audiovisual material presenting the history and activities of the G.S.A. along with selected material from the Regional Services.

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Speech by Mr Thimakis (Abstract) (Résumé)


International Archives Day

June 9th

We Celebrate Together

Welcome address by the Director of the C.S. of the G.S.A. ms. Marietta Minottos

It is with great pleasure that the General State Archives (G.S.A.) participate actively once again, following the tradition of the last three years, to the celebration of the International Archives Day, organized by the International Council on Archives (, since 2007. 


This year, the G.S.A. of Greece, both the Central Service (C.S.) and the Regional Services (R.S.), celebrate together the International Archives Day by organizing events aiming at opening the Archives’ “gates” to the general public, by exhibiting the richness of archival material preserved within the G.S.A., highlighting, as well, their multidimensional contribution to the culture and society in general.

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Participation of the GSA in the “OPEN HOUSE ATHENS” event.

Within the framework of the “Open House” event held on Saturday May 16th, the Central Service of the GSA taking part in the festivities was open to the public aiming to promote an awareness on its purpose, an acquaintance with the archival material and an the intrinsic architecture of its premises

“Open House” is an international event originating from the idea to promote and designate the underlying importance of architecture in general but more effectively to give prominence to its role in everyday life. The event literally extends an invitation to all those who wish to apprehend the merit of a well-designed and constructed architectural environment.

The premises of the Central Service of the GSA constitute an architectural prototype as it was constructed in view of all contemporary demands of an Archival Service. The blueprint of the actual building of the Central Service of the GSA, which was in fact the result of a collaborative project undertaken by architects Dimitrios Dakanalis, Stathis Boubiotis, Andronikos Tsigounis and Christos Floros was awarded the first prize in a Panhellenic Architectural Competition conducted in 1978.

The visitors were given the opportunity to attend a tour to the premises and grow familiar with its inherent architectural distinctiveness which fully complies with all contemporary demands for a proper function of the National Archival Service. Τhe public were given a cordial welcome by Mrs Marietta Minotos, Director of the Central Service of the GSA, Mrs Amalia Pappa, Deputy Director,  Mrs Christina Sarra, Head of the Planning, Coordination and Studies Department, Mrs Demetra  Barba, Head of the Conservation and Reproduction Department, members of the staff and architect Mr Andronikos Tsigounis.

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Event on February 12th 2015 hosting a lecture by Mr. Didier Grange

On Thursday the 12th of  February 2015, in the premises of the Central Service of the GSA in Athens, Mr Didier Grange -Head of the Geneva City Archives and Special Advisor at the International Council on Archives (ICA) since 2010- successfully delivered a lecture on “Archival Associations Worldwide. Overview and Thoughts”.

The event was realized thanks to the collaboration of the GSA and the Society of Greek Archivists. The Director of the GSA Mrs Marietta Minotos and President of the Society of Greek Archivists, and Deputy Director Mrs Amalia Pappa initiated the event by addressing the audience.

Mrs Marietta Minotos made a thorough account of the cultural events and actions put in effect in the year 2014; a year dedicated to the centenary anniversary of the establishment of the General State Archives while Mrs Amalia Pappa made an arrant mention upon the completion of a quarter century dating back to the establishment of the Society of Greek Archivists.

The event was honored by the attendance of the Ambassador of Switzerland to the Hellenic Republic Mr Lorenzo Amberg, the appointee Councellor of the Municipality of Filothei-Psychico Mrs Nelli Lavda, the Chairman of the Supervisory Council Mr. Nikos Karapidakis and members of the Council, former Presidents of the Society of Greek Archivists and representatives of Archival Institutions in Greece.

Lecture notes by Mr. Didier Grange (in French) Lecture notes by Ms. Marietta Minotos (in English)

Customary New-Year festivities

On Friday the 6th of February 2015, in the premises of the Central Service of the GSA in Athens, the customary New-Year festivities were carried out.


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Invite to Lecture-Event

The event is to take place on Thursday, the 12th of February 2015 at 7:00 p.m at the Central Agency of G.S.A ,  61 Daphnis st. Palaio Psychico.

Invitation About the speaker

Exhibit of the month

Within the framework of the European Programme APEx - in which the Central Agency of the General State Archives is taking part- and the attempt to give prominence to the archival material of all participating bodies, a posting has taken place on the European Archives Portal, namely of a 10th -11th century BC manuscript, “Evangelion” (Gospel Lectionary) from the Collection of Manuscripts kept in the GSA; thus being granted the title “exhibit of the month”.

An extensive portrayal of the aforementioned exhibit is available on the following link:''




Educative Workshop: Young paper conservators in action! In the “Eugenides Foundation”

Children are you particularly keen on sketching using your pen and paper? Are you interested in books? Would you like to step into the laboratory and learn all it takes to fully restore an old book? Are you up to taking action in becoming yourselves a group of young “paper conservators”?

If all this sounds interesting and intriguing to you and you are aged 8-14 years, you are most welcome to join us in the educative workshop organized by the Department of Restoration and Reproduction of the General State Archives headquarters alongside with the Eugenides Foundation Library; an initiative inspired by the centennial celebration of the founding of the GSA and the exhibition “100 years General State Archives, 500 years of history” also hosted by the Eugenides Foundation. The workshop will be carried out under the supervision of a group of our paper and book conservators team: Penelope Banou, Angeliki Stasinos, Maria Giannikou and Ourania Kanakari.

The educative workshops shall be taking place-under the same general title-for two consequent Saturdays; namely, Saturday the 15th and 22nd of November, from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm.

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Exhibition “100 years of the General State Archives 500 years of history”

held at the Eugenides Foundation from November 3rd to November 30th 2014

The exhibition will be opened to the public from November 5th


The General State Archives (GAK), while concluding the festive events celebrating the 100-year anniversary of their establishment (1914-2014), are presenting the public with archival specimens and collections gathered and preserved within one century of operation.

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Replay Projections of the “Kryfto” Documentary



Due to the unprecedented attendance of the public to the first screening  of the “Kryfto” documentary worldwide-which took place in the premises of the General State Archives in Athens on October 30th 2014- we wish to inform the public that further projections of the documentary shall be taking place, twice a week upon prior notice and provided that a substantial number of such notices is made.


Those interested are requested to submit their notice to the following email address: or call the following numbers: 210-6782272, 210-6782273 from 9:00am to 14:00pm on weekdays.