Supervisory Council

The Supervisory Council of the General State Archives (G.S.A.) of Greece:
  1. decides on the acquisition and/or purchase of archival material
  2. decides on the issuance or not of research licenses, transliterations, photographing etc. of the archival material it holds.
  3. decides on the publications produced by the G.S.A.
  4. examines the scientific orientation of the G.S.A. and sets the main axes of its policy
  5. determines general scientific directions and strategic policies. It offers guidelines for the selection, classification and management of archival collections of historical interest.
  6. provides guidelines regarding the selection, classification and indexing of the archives of the public administration that are of historical value
  7. advises on the establishment of new archival services
  8. advises on the scientific work of the G.S.A.’ s staff
  9. advises on the G.S.A.’ s staff secondments
  10. advises on any question / issue posed by the Minister of Education, Research and Religious Affairs
  11. in case of matters concerning documents of national interest and of external affairs, a delegate from the Ministry of External Affairs is obliged to participate
  12. advises on the renewal of the Term of office of the Director of the G.S.A.
The G.S.A.’s White Paper: formation of a new Policy for Archives and Libraries.

Contact details: Central Service
Secretary: Mrs Penelope Banou
Tel: 210 6782 217, 210 6782 313

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Fax: 210 6782 215

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