Legislation and Regulations

  • Founding Law 380 / 1914 "On the Founding of the General State Archives Service" (concerning the Central Office /Service of the G.S.A.)
  • With the  Law 2027/1939 "On the reorganization of the service of the General State Archives", the founding of Regional Services/Branches under the names "Permanent Local Archives" and "Local Historical Archives", the Archives of the Ionian Islands, Crete and Samos come under the Service
  • Law 1946/1991 "General State Archives and other provisions" defines the new legislative framework governing the operation of G.S.A. until today.
  • Law 2909/2001, art. 6, par. 14, which replaces subparagraphs a and b of par. 1 and par. 3 of art. 20 of Law 1946/1991 with regard to the Director of the G.S.A.
  • Law 3467 / 2006, art. 17 replacing par. 14 of art. 6 of Law 2909/2001 with regard to the Director of the G.S.A.
  • Law 2846 / 2000 – Law 3391 / 2005, art. 11, by which the previously independent Public Service "Archives of the Prime Minister, Ministers’ and the General Secretariat of the Government" (founding Law 2846/2000) falls under the Central Service/Office of the G.S.A.